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IssueNet Intercept Software for Defect Tracking, Bug Tracking, and Issue Management
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  • Features
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  • Defect Tracking
  • Bug Tracking
  • Issue Tracking
  • Issue Management
  • Incident Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Change Requests
  • Quality Management
  • Process Management

IssueNet Intercept is the most flexible defect tracking, bug tracking, and issue management software application on the market. IssueNet Intercept has been designed from the ground up with a relentless dedication to scalability and customization. With an IssueNet Intercept solution customized precisely to an organization's preferred processes and methodologies, managing bugs, requirements, defects, and other issues has never been easier or more effective.

Why IssueNet Intercept?

  • Support - Seasoned support staff averaging over 5 years supporting Elsinore issue management products
  • Expertise - Out of the box forms, fields, reports and workflows based on 12 years of product feedback
  • Automation - Workflow templates and an issue/task workflow engine which realistically models a wide variety of development processes
  • Integrated Environment - Out of the box integrations to Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, MSBuild, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Project
  • Communication - A web portal for capturing defects, enhancements, requirements and other feedback from internal and external customers
  • Visibility - Dashboards for management, team, and individuals which roll up issue and task data
  • Efficiency - Search, reporting, and bulk update capabilities which provide unparalleled ease of use and user productivity

For full details on current pricing, evaluation options, pilot programs, webinars, and live online demos, please download the evaluation kit or contact us.

Combine Multiple Solutions for No Additional Cost

Elsinore offers a number of issue management solutions built on top of the common IssueNet issue management platform: Intercept for bug and defect tracking; Assist for help desk and customer support; Oversight for IT change management; and Asterisk for custom solutions.

By offering a variety of solutions from a single platform, Elsinore allows its customers to simultaneously meet a variety of enterprise issue management needs while consolidating and simplifying their software platforms, licensing, and support. Because these solutions are built from the IssueNet Platform, they share a common set of robust features and built in best practices, in addition to features specific to the business processes for which each solution is designed. Best of all, there is no extra cost for installing additional solutions.

IssueNet Solutions Diagram

Key Features

  • Issue and Task Workflow Model - Model organizes work on issues into distinct workflow specific tasks.
  • Hierarchical Folder and Project Organization - Folders and projects provide intuitive organizational structure for the submission, tracking, management, and reporting of issues and tasks.
  • Multiple Issue Tracking Solutions - IssueNet is des