Q: What is the IssueNet platform and how is it related to IssueNet Intercept?
A: IssueNet is the core issue management platform into which specific solutions are installed. IssueNet Intercept (defect tracking), IssueNet Assist (help desk), and IssueNet Oversight (IT change management) are distinct solutions which are loaded into IssueNet. Licenses provide access to the entire IssueNet platform - you can then load as many of the solutions as you need.
Q: What happened to Visual Intercept?
A: Visual Intercept was Elsinore Technologies' flagship bug and defect tracking software solution from 1996 until 2006, when Visual Intercept's successor, IssueNet Intercept and the rest of the IssueNet issue management platform was introduced. For more information, visit the Visual Intercept page.
Q: How much does IssueNet cost, and how is it licensed?
A: IssueNet can be licensed on a named user, concurrent user, or site-wide basis. Access pricing for details.
Q: I am looking for a specialized issue management solution different from current Elsinore products. How should I evaluate your platform?
A: You should begin by reviewing the core issue management features and capabilities of IssueNet. We also recommend that you contact an Elsinore representative who can advise you on how to best use the platform for a particular business process.
Q: Is IssueNet web-based?
A: IssueNet is a flexible system that can be accessed in a variety of ways. The primary interface (IssueNet Manager) can be launched as a web service, which allows it to be accessed from anywhere without an install. There is also a browser-based interface called Relay, which is designed for issue submitter and customer access. The system can also be accessed via a standard locally-installed, rich-client.
Q: Can I customize IssueNet?
A: Absolutely. IssueNet was specifically designed to allow nearly unlimited customization to forms, fields, workflows, notifications, and events without writing a single line of code. VB .NET scripting is also supported.
Q: Can my organization's legacy data be imported into an IssueNet product?
A: Yes, IssueNet features built-in tools for importing data from a variety of formats.
Q: I have additional questions not answered here.
A: Please contact us.
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