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Visual Intercept

Visual Intercept Incident Management System for Bug and Defect Tracking


Visual Intercept was Elsinore Technologies' flagship bug and defect tracking software solution from 1996 until 2006, when Visual Intercept's successor, IssueNet Intercept and the rest of the IssueNet issue management platform was introduced.

The Transition from Visual Intercept to IssueNet Intercept

Visual Intercept had a very successful run during it's 10 years on the market. The Visual Intercept incident managment system was conceived initially to address the unmet need of computer programmers to have a centralized system for tracking bugs and defects. It forged a strong position in this market based on it's synergies with the Microsoft development environment, especially Visual Studio and Visual Sourcesafe. Visual Intercept went through three major versions during its decade of active development, with a final version of 3.7. The product is still actively supported by Elsinore Technologies, and is the direct precursor to IssueNet Intercept.

IssueNet was first released in January 2006, and while strongly influenced by Visual Intercept, it represents a complete rewrite in .NET. The new underlying architecture was crafted to support extensive scalability across the enterprise, and extensive customization. The Intercept solution for bug and defect tracking was reborn as IssueNet Intercept, endowed with all the advantages inherent in the new IssueNet platform.

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