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Developer Labs

Elsinore's Developer Labs publishes useful samples for the IssueNet platform. Use the samples verbatim, or customize them to fit your specific needs. User contributed code examples are always welcome and encouraged! If you have a sample script or customized solution you would like to share with the community, please drop us an .

Hello World


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Hello world shows the basics of how to login and manipulate data in an IssueNet system.

Three different methods of creating a session are shown. Once the session is created, a new folder and issue are created and saved.

The Hello World example should be referenced before attempting more advanced integrations.

Script Example


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The Script Example shows several ways to use IssueNet's scripting engine in your installation. Scripts can be authored within the IssueNet environment to extend forms and workflow.

Scripts can be defined as parts of forms to respond to control events. In the example we execute code when the form loads and when a button is clicked. Scripts can also be defined as Run Script actions executed in workflow. We provide two examples, one prompting the user to select an object, and the other incrementing a numeric field on an object.

These examples can be used as guidance in customizing your own solution.

Plugin Example

The Plugin Example illustrates the structure of an IssueNet plugin. Plugins can be used to extend the system with compiled .NET code.

This plugin implements several features. The main feature is a control, MyObjectControl, that selects a color using native windows dialogs. This control is placed on a form, MyObjectForm, that is registered with the plugin. Other features include a static method to invoke from a script, an item list that is filled dynamically, and a property validation routine.

While nothing in this plugin is useful verbatim, the structure and concepts can be used to create your own plugins.

Engine Tests


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The Engine Tests consist of several unit tests we use internally to exercise our platform.

A wide variety of activities are covered including: login, data import, executing queries, creating objects, executing workflows, executing transitions, changing object types, and creating new classes.

Portions of this code can be useful reference for writing you own advanced integrations.

Release Module


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The Release Module contains components required to distribute product releases through IssueNet Relay.

Several components for Relay are included along with a solution to add to your IssueNet schema.

The Releases Module can provide a great way to distribute releases in a controlled manner.

MSBuild Usage Example


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The MSBuild Usage Example demostrates several uses for the MSBuild tasks included in the IssueNet platform. These tasks can be used to integrate IssueNet with your build environment, or can be used to perform most adhoc operations to an IssueNet system.

Two MSBuild "targets" are provided as examples: The first target, UpdateMyIssues, executes a query for issues, modifies the descriptions of the issues, and updates the issues to the database. The second target, TransitionMyTasks, executes a query for tasks then transitions each task.

These targets can be modified or you can use the concepts to create your own targets from scratch.

Syndication Service


Download Syndication Service »

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The Syndication Service provides a very basic implementation of an Atom feed from an IssueNet system. This sample can be customized in a real-world IssueNet system to provide users with up to date listing of Issues and Tasks.

Like the MSBuild HTTP Gateway, the implementation consists of a single ASP.NET IHttpHandler mapped to a virtual URL (in this case "feed.axd") on your website. The url of the request specifies the IssueNet connection and the query to execute. The query results are returned as feed items.

Options for further customization include the addition of RSS support and the presentation of fields from custom classes.

MSBuild HTTP Gateway


Download MSBuild HTTP Gateway »

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The MSBuild HTTP Gateway is designed to expose MSBuild functionality over an intranet or the internet. It is not specific to the IssueNet system, but can be used to leverage the IssueNet MSBuild tasks.

Like the Syndication Service, the implementation consists of a single ASP.NET IHttpHandler mapped to a virtual URL (in this case "build.axd") on your website. The handler is configured to a single MSBuild project file that defines the available targets. Invoking a build target is done by specifying the build target in the URL along with any properties that need to be specified for the particular target.

The gateway handler itself will most likely be adequate without customization. Customization should be performed to the build file to expose targets suitable to your system.

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