/Evaluation/Provox Technologies

We chose Intercept because it will allow our field staff to become a vital part of the bug tracking process, as well as providing all the functionally that our corporate office users require. Intercept's ability to allow multiple groups in the company to input and access QA information was huge. The reporting, tracking, and management of bug / projects were the key elements we were looking for and Intercept does them all, is easy to use, and simple to implement.

Jason Pendleton
Quality Assurance Manager
Provox Technologies

/Evaluation/Black and Decker

I have found Intercept easy to use with minimal training required. Use of the product has improved documentation and communication about projects / incidents between IT and HRIS. As we become more familiar with the product we are customizing the work flow to meet our business processes and organization. To quote Life cereal commercials: "Mikey likes it!"

Terry Mirachi
HRIS Manager
Black and Decker

/Evaluation/Millenium-Biologix Corp.

As a small medical device company we needed a tool that was going to be: easy to use, customizable, and yet able to ensure workflow control on a per-project and a per-user basis. No other application met these requirements at this price. Additionally, Elsinore Technologies, Inc. was very accommodating during our decision making process by providing well run webinars and hosted pilot sites, which enabled us to test the software without expending company resources for deployment.

Floyd Harriott
Software Developer
Millenium-Biologix Corp.

/Evaluation/Saint Clares Health System

The Elsinore presales support was second to none. The staff's professionalism and patience across a prolonged buying cycle convinced me we picked a winner. They didn't miss a beat after the sale either. The tech support we received in getting IssueNet deployed and configured within an hour impressed the management who signed the PO. There is no doubt we'll realize the ROI projected for this investment. People make the difference. What a delight it is to call Elsinore with any issue, business or technical, and get immediately connected to someone that is knowledgeable and helpful.

Walt Sully
Technical Systems Specialist
Saint Clares Health System

/Evaluation/Finetre Corporation

We continue to leverage Elsinore's Intercept in our day to day software lifecycle management, code deployment and as well as internal and external incident tracking and resolution processes. Intercept's flexibility and extensibility enable us to quickly adapt workflows to address new requirements, and Elsinore's staff is always ready with advice and assistance when we need it.

Will Vaughn
Director, Technology Services
Finetre Corporation

/Evaluation/Fremont Investment and Loan

In the past three months we have begun rolling out use of Intercept... On several occasions Elsinore Technical Support's timely and knowledgeable responses have been vital to the success of this deployment effort. Their ability to get to the underlying business issues instead of just the "error message" is vastly appreciated.

Gregory E. Wilkerson
Quality Assurance
Fremont Investment and Loan


The Elsinore support team is awesome. They do a very thorough job of ensuring that we have all of the information necessary to proceed with a request or how to question. The initial training provided by the Elsinore staff was thorough. They provided just in time information on the sections of training we needed. The training allowed us to be trained, take a day or two to complete the tasks and continue to move to other parts of training.

Noel Nicholas
Technical Support Manager

/Evaluation/GeoFields, Inc.

What started our evaluation of issue management systems was a growing realization that we lacked a formalized process for tracking a range of issues and, even more importantly, ensuring follow up. Intercept provided both an amazingly flexible process that we tailored to our needs, and one which was remarkably easy to use. This, coupled with the most attentive support team we have ever encountered, has lead to Intercept having a dramatic impact within our company.

Nick Park
Director of Applied Technology
GeoFields, Inc.

/Evaluation/Henry Schein Practice Solutions

We are excited about the possibilities presented by Insight. With its flexible and customizable interface, all stakeholders can get personalized project status quickly and easily. The ability to drill down to the issue level is fantastic, a really terrific feature. Insight would be a great addition for any organization.

Jeff Hall
Quality Assurance Manager
Henry Schein Practice Solutions

/Evaluation/Kaplan Trucking

Intercept is invaluable to our business, especially our IT Department. We use Intercept for our internal development efforts, outsourcing assignments such as our network administration, and evaluating/tracking/implementing third party software as well as tracking and reporting on progress of contract work. Currently I am the project manager for a new system that we are implementing and was tasked with tracking issues, questions, ideas and change requests for the system and keeping everyone on the project team (located in Ohio, California, India, and New Zealand) informed and updated. I chose to use Intercept and it has worked fantastically. After attending an IssueNet webinar earlier this month, there was no question as to its ROI. The enhanced email notification system, new workflow engine, forms designer and WinForms client/Web Services/.NET architecture have been on my personal 'Most-Desired' list for quite some time. We will now be able to fully customize Intercept to our business and to its processes. Thank you Elsinore for continuing to update and upgrade your fantastic product!

Brian Drab
Project Manager
Kaplan Trucking

/Evaluation/MPAY Software

The workflow features in Intercept 4.0 made the decision to upgrade easy for us. We've customized previous versions of Intercept, but version 4.0 gives us the flexibility we need to design the product around our processes rather than designing our processes around the product. With the service offerings that Elsinore provides, we are confident that the conversion and implementation will go smoothly. We are extremely excited about this product.

Joe Berenbaum
Director of Professional Services
MPAY Software

/Evaluation/TSS Software Corporation

Intercept 4.0 has helped our organization implement a better development process and improve our own internal standards. The system allows us to see the status of our ongoing projects at a glance, including the state of enhancements, requirements, and defects, all in a central location. The task management system helps us drive the development process through to release and allows us to better manage risk along the way.

Clay Alberty
Quality Assurance Engineer
TSS Software Corporation

/Evaluation/SHC Direct, LLC

SHCD has deployed Intercept in order to proactively manage a large volume of business and technical issues. Although the initial deployment is targeted at internal use, we hope to extend Intercept to our vendors and clients. Our primary objective in deploying Intercept is a more streamlined issue generation, workflow and follow up process, resulting in increased productivity and higher value to SHCD's clients.

Mark Horbal
Vice President, Information Technology
SHC Direct, LLC

/Evaluation/EdFinancial Services

During our product evaluation process, Intercept's intuitive UI and structure immediately distinguished it from other issue tracking applications. The integration with source code control and our QA platform was also a key element in our decision-making process.

Brian Adkins
Assistant Manager, e-Business Solutions
EdFinancial Services

/Evaluation/Ginsburg Development Companies, LLC

Having implemented VI before at another company, it was easy to know where to start when I was placed in the CIO role here. Intercept, coupled with Elsinore's issue management expertise, will help me put "best practice" processes in place and make sure they are followed and documented. Now we have the ability to bring in the next iteration with VI 4.0 and we are excited about the enhanced functionality and flexibility. 4.0 will meet our needs today while allowing us to adapt the product moving forward. The product's flexibility will allow us to build additional applications on top of the Issue Net framework for other business units within the company.

Brian E. Boyd, Sr.
Chief Information Officer
Ginsburg Development Companies, LLC

/Evaluation/D.P. Associates Inc.

Elsinore conducted an excellent and thorough training session. One verbal feedback given by one of the participants was that he had experienced several web application training sessions and this was the best he had ever experienced. It was well structured. Several comments were made about the effective and user friendliness of the Contextual Online Help. Matter of fact, DPA plans on emulating the functionality in our technical manuals and online help. In my opinion, it is a self-paced training tool all its own.

Les Black
Instructional Designer
D.P. Associates Inc.

/Evaluation/PrimeVest Financial Services

It was clear to me from the Webinar that the web version now has all the functionality I have benefited from on the desktop. The Webinar was a very helpful forum for getting us up to speed on what's new. Elsinore has certainly made great strides with 3.0. We are anxious to upgrade.

Greg Kremer
Manager of Helpdesk Operations
PrimeVest Financial Services

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