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IssueNet Assist Software for Help Desk and Customer Support
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  • Help Desk
  • Customer Support
  • Product Support
  • Issue Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Requests
  • Service Desk
  • Trouble Tickets

IssueNet Assist is the flexible/integrated solution for internal help desk and external customer support. Precisely customizable to an organization's support workflows, IssueNet Assist streamlines and automates the support process.

Why IssueNet Assist?

  • Automation - Implement workflow templates which encourage structured, repeatable processes for a consistent level of high quality service
  • Productivity - Automatically route requests to the correct personnel and generate email notifications
  • Team Coordination - Unify support operations across departments, across 3rd third party providers, or across the globe
  • Collaboration - Tightly integrate customer feedback into the development cycle when you combine Assist™ and Intercept™ via the common IssueNet platform
  • Customer Service - Relay™ portal for capturing incidents, support requests, and other feedback provides submitters with status of current requests and history of previous incidents
  • Visibility - Insight™ real-time dashboards roll up incident and ticket data for service managers and support staff, while comphrensive audit trail provides maximum visibility and compliance
  • Support - Seasoned support staff averaging over 5 years supporting Elsinore issue management products, including constant use of Assist in daily operations
  • Expertise - Out of the box forms, fields, reports and workflows based on 12 years of product feedback and use within Elsinore's own support department

For full details on evaluation options, pilot programs, and custom demos, please download the evaluation kit or contact us.

Combine Multiple Solutions for No Additional Cost

Elsinore offers a number of issue management solutions built on top of the common IssueNet issue management platform: Intercept for bug and defect tracking; Assist for help desk and customer support; Oversight for IT change management; and Asterisk for custom solutions.

By offering a variety of solutions from a single platform, Elsinore allows its customers to simultaneously meet a variety of enterprise issue management needs while consolidating and simplifying their software platforms, licensing, and support. Because these solutions are built from the IssueNet Platform, they share a common set of robust features and built in best practices, in addition to features specific to the business processes for which each solution is designed. Best of all, there is no extra cost for installing additional solutions.

IssueNet Solutions Diagram

Key Features

  • Issue and Task Workflow Model - Model organizes work on issues into distinct workflow specific tasks.
  • Hierarchical Folder and Project Organization - Folders and projects provide intuitive organizational structure for the submission, tracking, management, and reporting of issues and tasks.
  • Multiple Issue Tracking Solutions - IssueNet is designed to support distinct issue management solutions (Bug Tracking, Help Desk, IT Change Management, etc.) in consolidated or separate instances.
  • Access from Anywhere - IssueNet’s web service architecture provides web access from both browser and rich clients.
  • Easy Access for Customers and Occasional Users - IssueNet Relay provides an economical closed-loop solution for issue submission and tracking by customers and occasional users.
  • Easy to Use - Elsinore has incorporated years of user feedback to make IssueNet easy to use by business users.
  • Highly Configurable - Drag and drop design tools allow solutions to be created and re-configured with no programming.
  • Easy to Deploy - Solution wizards, web services access, and built in deployment tools make it simple to deploy IssueNet solutions in enterprise environments.
  • Scaleable - Elsinore products have proven performance in environments with hundreds to thousands of users.
  • Rapid ROI - Out of the box solutions and easy to use design tools allow organizations to achieve production use quickly.

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  • Pre-defined Workflows and Workflow Elements - IssueNet solutions include sample workflows and dozens of sample workflow elements.
  • Graphic Workflow Design - Workflows are designed by dragging and dropping workflow elements in a graphic design environment.
  • Design and Deploy Multiple Workflows - IssueNet supports the design of an unlimited number of process specific workflows which can be selectively executed based on configurable workflow rules.
  • Workflow Graphic ThumbnailSimultaneous Issue Workflow Execution - The IssueNet issue and task workflow model allows multiple team members to simultaneously execute distinct workflows linked to a single issue.
  • Workflow Automation - IssueNet Actions allow workflow elements to perform automated operations such as; task creation, notification, workflow execution, issue updates, and script execution.
  • Business Rule Enforcement - IssueNet Conditions allow you to allow or deny workflow transitions based on business rules.
  • Nested Workflows - Workflows can execute other workflows from any workflow element.
  • Graphic Workflow Display for Users - Users can click on a button to view the workflow diagram specific to their task.

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Notification, Item Escalation, and Task Scheduling

Email Notification Thumbnail
  • Notification Rules for any Property Change or Workflow Transition - Notifications are not limited to issue notifications. Any change to any item or workflow transition can trigger a notification.
  • Custom Notification Content - Easy to use tags allow any item information to be added to the notifications.
  • Unlimited Notification Templates - Every notification rule can use a unique notification template.
  • Pre-defined Notification Templates - IssueNet Solutions include templates for the most common notification scenarios.
  • Integrated Template Design - Text or HTML based notifications can be designed and previewed directly within IssueNet.
  • Time Based Escalation Rules - Items such as issues and tasks can be re-assigned, forwarded, or generate notifications using time based triggers.
  • Scheduled Tasks - Repeative issues and tasks can be automatically created on a pre-defined schedule.
  • Scaleable MSMQ Based Notification Architecture - A Microsoft Message and Queuing Services backbone provides scaleable and reliable notification delivery.

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Insight Dashboard Thumbnail
  • Insight™ Dashboard - User configurable dashboards present real-time information in the form of charts, gauges, and tabular reports. Every dashboard can provide multiple levels of drill down.
  • Pre-defined Reports and Report Formats - IssueNet solutions provide dozens of standard tabular reports and charts.
  • Integrated Report Design - Reports can be edited or added to a solution without the need for 3rd party design tools.
  • Drag and Drop Report Design - Report formats can be edited using an intuitive drag and drop environment.
  • Tabular, Count, and Trend Report Types - IssueNet report designers support tabular reports as well as historical chart and non-historical chart types.
  • Report Scripting - Advanced reports can incorporate VB .NET script.
  • Direct Export to Common Formats - Report output can be exported directly to common formats such as; Word, PDF, and Excel.

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Configuration and Customization of Data Types

  • No Database Expertise Required - The IssueNet Architect allows business users to define new item types, properties, and relationships with no knowledge of the supporting database structures.
  • IssueNet Architect Class Editor Thumbnail
  • Unlimited User Defined Properties - Unlimited text, integer, float, date, Boolean money, XML, and HTML properties can be added to any item type.
  • Unlimited User Defined Item Types - Add new issue, task, and other types to the system to support a wide variety of business processes.
  • Unlimited User Defined Item Relationships - Define new item to item relationships to adapt IssueNet to unique business requirements.
  • Property Inheritance and Overrides - Simplify reporting and solution design by re-using and re-defining properties across similar item types.
  • Custom Item Numbering Schemes - Define the numerical range and format of ID numbers.

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Configuration and Customization of Forms

IssueNet Architect Forms Editor Thumbnail
  • Drag and Drop Form Design - Design forms to your exact requirements using drag and drop tools and form templates.
  • Wide Variety of Form Controls - Design forms using text, large text, date, integer, float, masked edit, money, boolean and other controls.
  • Multiple Forms per Item Type - Create multiple forms for individual types.
  • Ad Hoc Search Form Designer - Provides users with intuitive search forms using a drag and drop design environment.
  • Rule Based Form Deployment - Defines rules to determine when a particular form is loaded for a user.
  • Form Templates - Use pre-built form templates to add your own controls to simple or complex form designs.
  • Form Scripting - Use VB .NET script to add simple or complex logic to form behavior.

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Auditing and Compliance

  • Audit Trails for Every Item Type - IssueNet records the history of every item type tracked in the system – not just issue audits.
  • Configurable Audit Levels - Auditing can be enabled or disabled for any property at any time allowing organizations to configure the audit level to their exact requirements.
  • Task Audit Thumbnail
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliant - Electronic signature support.
  • Business Rule Enforcement - "Conditions" allow you to permit or deny workflow transitions based on business rules.

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Ease of Use and User Productivity

  • Natural Language Query Builder - Modeled on familiar tools such as the Outlook Rules Wizard, the query builder allows simple or complex queries to be built with no SQL knowledge.
  • Ad Hoc Search Form Design - Organizations can use the IssueNet form designer to edit and create unique Ad Hoc search forms.
  • Comprehensive Bulk Update - Administrators can allow or deny right-click bulk update menus for any field.
  • One-Click Workflow Transitions - Users can execute workflow transitions from a form or list with a single click.
  • Spell Checking - All text fields can be spell checked.
  • Integrated Screen Capture Utility - A screen capture utility allows a capture of any window to be generated, attached, and uploaded with the item.
  • Workspace Restoration - Users can create a personalized view of an issue database by restoring workspace settings.
  • Single Sign-on Based on Windows Credentials - When Windows authentication is enabled users can be authenticated with no logon prompt.
  • Localized Dates and Date Formats - Dates and date formats are automatically converted based on the user’s regional settings.

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Administration and Security

  • Group Based Security - Set group permissions of any item – including reports, queries, and user defined types
  • Hierarchical Security Assignment - Set permissions on issue folders and projects that are inherited by sub-folders and projects.
  • Windows Based Authentication - Use Windows authentication for security credentials and eliminate user and password maintenance.
  • Electronic Signature Support - Require users to re-authenticate at any point in a workflow process.
  • LDAP/Directory Services - Use directory services to automatically create and update user’s contact information.
  • Delete, Purge, and Restore Management - of Record Deletion Deleted records are marked as deleted and not permanently destroyed until they are purged by an administrator. Deleted records can be restored until they are purged.
  • Web Enabled Administration - Administer IssueNet from any internet connection.

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Deployment and Accessibility

  • Full Web Accessibility - Both browser and rich clients can be used over the internet.
  • Update via Email - Issues and tasks can be created,updated, and closed via email submission.
  • Rich Client Interface - Gain the speed and efficiency of a rich client with the accessibility and ease of deployment of a browser based application.
  • ClickOnce Thumbnail
  • Browser Interface - IssueNet Relay provides a browser based solution for issue submission, tracking, and sign-off.
  • No-Touch Deployment for Rich Client Access - Rich clients are deployed and upgraded from a single web site.
  • Database and Solution Wizard - Step through a simple wizard to create IssueNet databases and install IssueNet solutions.

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Document Attachment and Storage

  • Attach Documents - Upload attachments to bug reports, support requests, etc.
  • Document Stores - Organize and set permissions on different document types
  • Database, SharePoint, or File System Document Storage - Choose storage options for each document store, and access documents from existing SharePoint document libraries.
  • Upload or Link to Existing Documents - Create links to existing documents in document stores in addition to uploading attachments.

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  • Manager
  • Insight
  • Relay
  • Architect
Manager Screenshot Thumbnail


The Manager provides a complete rich client environment for issue management through all phases of a project. For team members, the Manager provides full reporting capabilities and the ability to transition items through a workflow process.

Functions and Benefits

  • Rich Client - Primary interface for IssueNet - provides access to all non-administrative functions of the software.
  • Accessibility - Can be launched from the desktop or from a browser via ClickOnce technology from an organization's IssueNet Central web portal.
  • Flexibility - Users are not bound to the stand alone rich client. Integrations to Visual Studio and MS Outlook allow the user to work in the most comfortable environment.
  • Efficiency and Productivity - Productivity enhancements based on over a decades worth of feedback streamline the user experience.
  • Standard - The Manager is included with all IssueNet installations.
Insight Screenshot Thumbnail


IssueNet Insight™ is a web-based dashboard that presents real-time information in the form of charts, gauges, and tabular reports. Dashboards are user-configurable and provide multiple levels of drill down.

Functions and Benefits

  • Visibility - Data is real time - instantly see the status of a single project or the workload of the entire department.
  • Customizable - Users who have been granted permission can customize existing dashboards and create new ones.
  • Oversight - Delivers the information key stakeholders need to make better decisions.
  • Modular - Insight is licensed as an add-on to IssueNet. For current pricing please access pricing or .
Relay Screenshot Thumbnail


IssueNet Relay™ is a web-based interface created especially for issue submitters. End users, beta testers, customers, and partners can easily submit and follow-up on issues of interest.

Functions and Benefits

  • Accessibility - Web based to provide maximum acessibility to users inside or outside the organization.
  • Communication - Provides features such as email notifications of incident status, document attachment, and issue sign-off to promote a tight communication channel with users.
  • Security - Configurable access levels for all user types, as well as electronic signature support.
  • Integrated - Completely integrated with the other components of an IssueNet installation.
  • Customizable - Fields and forms can be customized, while look and feel can be skinned to support corporate identity.
  • Modular - Relay is licensed as an add-on to IssueNet. For current pricing please access pricing or .
Architect Screenshot Thumbnail


The Architect is a powerful design client for the customization and configuration of IssueNet solutions. Using the Architect, one can customize the forms and data of an existing IssueNet solution, such as Intercept™ defect tracking, or create an entirely new solution.

Functions and Benefits

  • No Database Expertise Required - Allows business users to define new item types, properties, and relationships with no knowledge of the supporting database structures.
  • Unlimited - Create an unlimited amount of objects, fields, and properties.
  • Security - Configurable access levels for all user types, as well as electronic signature support.
  • Visual Forms Design - Create forms and customize fields without a single line of code.
  • Dare to Dream - The Architect allows you to do things your way. Customize and configure IssueNet to your exact specifications without costly custom development.
  • Standard - The Architech is a standard part of every IssueNet installation.
Architect Screenshot Thumbnail
  • Visual Studio
  • MS Outlook
  • Source Control
  • MS Project
  • MSBuild
Visual Studio Menu Screenshot Thumbnail


Provides seamless access to the IssueNet issue management system from within the Visual Studio® development environment. With this integration, a developer never has to leave the Visual Studio interface to access, update, and resolve tasks. IssueNet views are launchable from the Tools menu and can be docked into the Visual Studio interface.

Integration Benefits

Visual Studio Optimized Icon
  • Increased Productivity - Integrates issue tracking and resolution firmly into the development toolset with no losses in efficiency due to switching programs
  • Increased Developer Acceptance - Seamless experience promotes acceptance from developers and reduces ramp up time
  • Source Control Synergy - Attach source control artifacts directly to work items without leaving the development environment
  • No Additional License Required - All Workspace integrations (Visual Studio, MS Outlook, and MS Project) are included with named and concurrent user licenses
Visual Studio Interface Screenshot Thumbnail
MS Outlook Integration Thumbnail


Provides immediate access to the IssueNet issue management system from within Microsoft® Outlook®, and enables the ability to create or link issues directly from email items.

Integration Benefits

  • Ease of Use - Create, review, and update issues without leaving MS Outlook.
  • Create Issues from Email - The number one way issues come to light is via email. With tight integration within MS Outlook, issues can be captured and updated quickly and effectively.
  • User Acceptance - Rolling out a new software system always faces a user acceptance hurdle. IssueNet's integration within the familiar MS Outlook environment improves user acceptance and increases uptake.
  • Compatibility - Integration supported for both Microsoft Outlook 2003 and Microsoft Outlook 2007.
  • No Additional License Required - All Workspace integrations (Visual Studio, MS Outlook, and MS Project) are included with named and concurrent user licenses.


Provides data link between the source control system and IssueNet. This allows data sharing, and a streamlined method for source control commits to generate and transition work items.

Supported Source Control Systems

  • Team Foundation Server
  • Subversion
  • Visual SourceSafe
  • Vault
  • Perforce
  • AccuRev

Integration Benefits

  • Synchronization - Tight linkage between the source control system and the issue tracker ensures that status is always up to date
  • Efficiency - Workflows are advanced automatically on commits, keeping your development process moving
  • Compatibility - Integrations available for all the most popular source control systems
  • No Additional License Required - All source control integrations are included with named and concurrent user licenses
MS Project Integration Thumbnail


Provides two way data link between Microsoft® Project® and the IssueNet issue management system. This integration brings together strategic project planning and tactical issue and work item management.

Integration Benefits

  • Put Planning into Action - Quickly transition a complicated project plan into actionable IssueNet tasks for team members
  • Synchronization - Update the MS Project plan with real-time work estimates, task completion, and scheduling data from IssueNet without having to follow-up directly with team members
  • Visibility - Integration between the issue management system and MS Project allows project managers to dynamically adjust schedules based on real-time issue and task management data
  • Compatibility - Integration supported for both Microsoft Project 2003 and Microsoft Project 2007
  • No Additional License Required - All Workspace integrations (Visual Studio, MS Outlook, and MS Project) are included with named and concurrent user licenses


Elsinore MSBuild is a set of MSBuild tasks integrated with the IssueNet platform. The Elsinore MSBuild tasks can be used to automate the creation and transition of issues and tasks in the IssueNet database using the MSBuild command line utility embedded with the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Integration Benefits

  • Streamline Automated Testing - Issues and defects can be created as a result of automated testing
  • Automatically Transition Tasks - Tasks can be transitioned from development to quality assurance as a result of an automated build process
  • Visibility - Update issue or task information based on automated analysis
  • No Additional License Required - All integrations (Visual Studio, MS Outlook, MS Project, MSBuild) are included with named and concurrent user licenses

What is MSBuild?

MSBuild is a utility embedded with the .NET Framework that is used to compile and build applications from the command line. MSBuld supports performing command line builds using Visual Studio project files. If desired, you can also create custom MSBuild control files such as those included in the Elsinore.MSBuild assembly.

For general information on MSBuild see the MSDN documentation..

Issue Explorer Screenshot Thumbnail

Issue Explorer

The Issue Explorer organizes issues into a hierarchy of folder types. This method of organizing issues helps simplify and formalize issue categorization, reporting, metrics, and workflow rules.

Issue and Tasks Screenshot Thumbnail

Issue And Tasks

The workflow process for an issue is defined by linked tasks. Each task is allocated a specific workflow and assigned resource.

Query Builder Screenshot Thumbnail

Query Builder

In a format similar to the Outlook Rules Wizard, the Query Builder allows users to construct simple or complex reports in a natural language format.

Relay Screenshot Thumbnail


Relay provides simple and cost effective access for large numbers of issue submitters.

Audit Trail Screenshot Thumbnail

Audit Trail

A unique auditing capability allows the administrator to enable or disable auditing of any property for any item at any time. Audited properties can be incorporated into historical graphs and metrics using integrated report designers.

Task Explorer Screenshot Thumbnail

Task Explorer

The Task Explorer organizes work activity into projects which define workflows and resources allocated to resolve issues.

Linked Issues Screenshot Thumbnail

Linked Issues

Linked issues can be used to track a variety of issue dependencies such as duplication or cause and effect using custom reason codes.

Linked Contacts Screenshot Thumbnail

Linked Contacts

Linked contacts provide a simple and effective way to track information about customers and other stakeholders for each issue.

Component Versions Screenshot Thumbnail

Component Versions

For issues tracked during the product development lifecycle, component version links allow multiple versions to be tracked for each issue using custom reason codes.

ClickOnce Screenshot Thumbnail


ClickOnce deployment from IssueNet Central allows the rich client to be deployed and upgraded from a URL.

Permissions Screenshot Thumbnail


The ability to set permissions on any item or item type provides robust security as well as the convenience of group specific queries and reports.

Report Designer Screenshot Thumbnail

Report Designer

An integrated report designer allows new report formats to be designed in a drag and drop environment and immediately deployed to users.

Directory Services Screenshot Thumbnail

Directory Services

Directory services integration provides the ease of use and security of Windows Authentication combined with automatic user account creation and contact information maintanence.

Workflow Actions Screenshot Thumbnail

Workflow Actions

Workflow actions provide a simple way to automate business processes through a workflow.

Condition Editor Screenshot Thumbnail

Condition Editor

Specify conditions to build intelligent workflows and transitions, which interpret data or validate against requirements.

Class Editor Screenshot Thumbnail

Class Editor

New properties and item types can be added to a solution using object oriented principles.

Forms Editor Screenshot Thumbnail

Forms Editor

An integrated forms editor provides drag and drop control of form layouts, context specific forms, and form scripting.

Search Form Editor Screenshot Thumbnail

Search Form Editor

The search form editor allows an administrator to tailor ad hoc search forms to an organizations exact needs.

Scripting Screenshot Thumbnail


Forms and workflows can be scripted using VB.NET.

Evaluation Kit

The following downloads provide a consolidated overview of the IssueNet system.

Evaluation Guide

Download the Evaluation Guide »

The evaluation resources guide highlights the variety of programs available for evaluating the IssueNet product. Details are provided on demos, pilot programs, and case studies.

IssueNet Assist Datasheet

Download the IssueNet Assist Datasheet »

The datasheet provides insight to the product: applications, benefits, licensing, integrations, features, and system requirements

IssueNet Product Brochure

Download the IssueNet Product Brochure »

IssueNet product overview with highlights on features, benefits, and solution overview.

IssueNet Technical Datasheet

Download the IssueNet Technical Datasheet »

Detailed specifications on the design, architecture, and hardware requirements of the IssueNet system.

Support Datasheet

Download the Support Datasheet »

Describes the standard support and maintenance program, including service level objectives, support incident severity definitions, and holiday schedule.

ScreenConnect Product Brochure

Download the ScreenConnect Product Brochure »

ScreenConnect product overview with highlights on how it works, benefits, and features overview

ScreenConnect Datasheet

Download the ScreenConnect Datasheet »

The datasheet provides insight to the product: applications, benefits, licensing, security, features, and technology

Customer List

Download the Customer List »

The customer list provides an overview of the diverse IssueNet customer base of more than 3500 worldwide

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